(succinct) zkDay Barcelona
April 22$^\text{nd}$, 2024


zkDay Barcelona aims to be a day dedicated to zero-knowledge cryptography and its applications. The event will feature a series of talks by leading experts in the field, covering a wide range of topics from the theoretical foundations of zero-knowledge proofs to the latest developments in the area. The event will also provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration among researchers and practitioners working on zero-knowledge cryptography.



Time Title Speaker Description
14.00h Doors open
14.45h Welcome to Barcelona zkDay 2024
15.00h - 15.30h Recursion in zk(E)VMs Jordi Baylina [TBA]
15.30h - 16.00h How to get pairings in a zkEVM Héctor Masip Ardevol While initially devised for cryptanalysis, pairings are now fundamental in many cryptographic protocols where no other efficient alternative exists. However, despite their widespread use, pairings still remain a mystery for many practitioners. In this talk, we aim to demystify them by explaining their implementation within Polygon's zkEVM, which presents considerable resource restrictions for such feat.
16.00h - 16.10h Break (10 minutes)
16.10h - 16.40h Next-generation lookup arguments Ying Tong A comparison of newer lookup arguments and their use-cases, including benchmarks from experimental halo2 implementations. In particular, we consider the optimisations available for fixed vs. dynamic lookups, and monolithic vs. decomposable lookups.
16.40h - 17.10h Anatomy of a folding scheme Arnau Cube Overview of the theory behind folding schemes, and how we prove the IVC inside a zkSNARK that can be verified in Ethereum's EVM. Finally we will show a practical example using Sonobe library.
17.10h - 17.20h Break (10 minutes)
17.20h - 17.50h Review of RISCV zkVMs Eduard We will review what is a RISCV zkVM and compare some of the current projects working on this solution.
17.50h - 18.20h Where does security come from? Javier Silva We often hear that a certain proof system is targeting 80-bit security, or that a certain elliptic curve has around 100-bit security. In this introductory talk, I will discuss exactly what these security levels measure, and how they are determined. In particular, I will focus on modern proof systems, and how different choices in the design can influence the final security level.
18.20h - 18.30h Break (10 minutes)
18.30h - 19.15h Understanding KZG commitments workshop Adrià Torralba-Agell Commitments play a pivotal role in the ongoing developments of zero-knowledge proofs. Specifically, KZG commitments, which represent a polynomial commitment scheme requiring a trusted setup, are crucial due to their application in numerous zero-knowledge frameworks like PlonK. Moreover, proto-danksharding, also known as EIP-4844, an essential Ethereum Improvement Proposal focusing on data availability, has already incorporated KZG as its commitment scheme.
19.15h - 21.00h Closing remarks and drinks
21.00h Dinner at restaurant


The venue for this event is the Akasha Hub Barcelona,
at Carrer de la Verneda, 19, Local 1, 08018 Barcelona.


Registration is free. Please confirm your assistance at https://lu.ma/zkDayBarcelona Name and email are mandatory, you can use pseoudonyms, but we will use the email to communicate updates of the event. .